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Tired day in, day out

March 4, 2009

Bill has been exceptionally tired this past week, with dark circles continuing to form below his eyes. His voice also continues to crackle and falter with incomplete thoughts and sentences. He is starting to have a very hard time completing what he is trying to say.

Even despite the failing balance, Bill insists on going out to eat as often as possible. Sustaining quality of life is all anyone can do at this point.

He still has a few tricks up his sleeve, it seems. A few days prior Pat had checked to see if he was alright and the slippery rascal had gotten up and taken a shower, all without Pat’s knowledge while she was doing tax work at home. Pat was a little irked, but let it slide since nothing had happened.


There are no words

January 10, 2009

This morning Pat and Bill had a serious discussion his treatment. With all of the waiting around, the high costs, the likelihood that treatment will not help, and the lack of a true cure, Bill has decided that he does not want to begin any sort of treatment.

The chemotherapy drugs still have yet to show up in the mail. Phone calls to Medco and others have yielded no results in locating them and has turned into the avoidance of responsibility or blame.

Accepting the diagnosis was the hardest thing to do. This was by far the second hardest.

From here on out, it’s all about quality of life. We can only hope that the one-year timeline given by the oncologist lasts longer.